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Biometric Software Process

An exam is credible if it possess the following key elements: free and fair; devoid of partiality, cheating and all forms of examination malpractices. Candidate impersonation is one of the prominent forms of examination malpractices. The idea is that a more knowledgeable personality is hired as machinery to write exam for the original candidate.

An invigilator identifies a genuine candidate by his Identity card that bears his name, picture and other relevant information. Out of all the information present on the candidate’s Identity card, only the picture is verifiable on the spot. That is the invigilator looks at the face of the candidate and tries to match it with the picture on the identity card. Unknown to him, the picture of the impostor can be on the identity card while other information belongs to the genuine owner.

Genuine verification of the candidate’s identity as a major requirement for participation in an exam is the primary objective of this research work. This explain why biometric fits into the overall objective of this work. At the entrance to the examination hall, the identity of student is confirmed and the attendance is automatically captured during student identity and exam eligibility biometric verification.

A biometric verification exercise is conducted while the examination is going on. The students’ attendance is captured automatically as their identity is verified on the biometric systems.

Our biometric model is designed to identify every applicant at the point of entry into the examination hall and completes the process at the counselling till allotment process.

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