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INAVIT is the Certified Channel Partner for Airtel, TATA Docomo, Aircel, Idea, Reliance Com., and BSNL; offers High Speed Internet Leased Line Solutions (ILL). The Last mile Connectivity will be on MAN Fiber Ring/Wi-Max/RF. ILL services are with 100% through put (1:1) and 99% uptime on SLA.

Multiple ISPs Support

You can use two Internet connections, either for failover or load balancing. You can even set different weights on your ISPs, so that more traffic go through the faster link.

International path Auto Restoration

Our Premium Internet Leased Lines is having priority routing facilities and international auto restoration features.

Flexible Solutions

We provide the service level you need now, then scale seamlessly no matter how quickly your needs grow. Our high access speeds and ability to connect to our globe-spanning MPLS and Ethernet services give you the power you need in your network.

Embedded Security

For service you can depend on, we have the capability to deliver clean pipes and network-based DDoS mitigation.

Internet Leased Line features :

  • Reliable Internet connectivity with redundancy on domestic and international backbones.
  • Flexible Access Plan with customized Bandwidth service/solutions
  • Upgradability up to 1 Gbps
  • 99.5% - 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • Committed information Rate (CIR) guarantee, as applicable for each of the services offered
  • Online Usage statistics
  • 24x7 Customer Support and Dedicated Help Desk with proactive notifications and monitoring
  • Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager

OFC Network Maintenance

Patrolling is aimed at preventing cable disruptions along the OFC routes daily on fixed stretch
Preventive and Corrective Maintenance is carried out as defined by the SLA / SOW
All fibers are tested for the block sections and reported every month
Any defects in the fiber or in any of the associated equipment is attended to, in consultation with the Customer at site
Repeater stations and the optical equipment installed for alarms are monitored
Breakdown OFC Maintenance includes 24*7 mobilization of equipment and skilled manpower for fault identification and rectification
Test link attributes like the splice loss/link loss after the rectification of fault are corrected
Deployment of O&M teams to carry out Splicing and Termination of Optical Fiber Cable

Splicing and Termination of Optical Fiber Cable

Maintenance of OFC routes 24*7 for Routine OFC Maintenance and Breakdown OFC Maintenance
O&M team has a supervisor, splicer, assistant splicer, patroller and a helper for every range defined by customer
Mode of transport of patrollers is customer specific

Deployment of FRT team

As per the customer's requirement we deploy:

An FRT team consisting of a splicer, an assistant splicer, and a helper
AA four-wheeler with a driver is available 24*7 with all the equipment (Splicing machine, OTDR, Power Meter, Portable Genset and supporting tools)