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Office Management System

Office Management System

Office is a place in which business, clerical and professional activities takes place. Management -executive ability to handle a business. Hence, office management is the administrative handling, controlling and maintaining a balance process of work inside the office of an organization whether big or small company/business, which is necessary to achieve the best service it can provide to the people who will receive a great benefit. Routine tasks need routine procedures if you want to stay organized and keep things running smoothly. Set up routines for handling paperwork and office systems.

Good office management depends on people knowing who is responsible for what - it's people who are accountable who get things done. Make updating records an office routine. Keeping records sounds like the easiest part of good office management - until you consider the need to keep those records both accessible and updated. 

Business planning is an important component of good office management and needs to be part of your regular office management routine. Successful small business owners spend time every week on business planning, and many use daily business planning sessions as a tool for goal setting and growth. If you have staff, involve them in business planning, either formally or informally.

The office manager is the coordinator of the work system. An office manager is responsible for planning, organization, and controlling the clerical aspect of the organization, including the preparation, communication, coordination and storage of data to support production and other important operations of an industrial establishment. Often they also engage in marketing. Also, their tasks are to monitor the work processes and to evaluate the outcome. The outcomes of work are intended for what can be called the final receiving system, as for instance, client, customer, and other departments.

Furthermore, their role is to coordinate on the front end by issuing various assignments. They usually lead or manage a team of secretaries or administrative clerks. And they take care of the assignment of tasks within the department, but the more complex tasks tend to come to their desk.

Following are the basic office management functions:

  • Budget development and implementation
  • Purchasing
  • Book Keeping
  • Human resources
  • Accounting
  • Printing
  • Records management
  • Forms management
  • Payroll
  • Facilities management
  • Space management
  • Risk management
  • Grants administration
  • Affirmative action and equal employment opportunity
  • Information technology and telecommunications
  • Monitoring the management of health and safety in the company office
  • Assisting senior managers in identifying health and safety needs in their departments
  • Responsibility for the day to day running of the office
  • Liaising with senior managers to ensure that staff in the division have appropriate information technology equipment
  • Managing a range of budgets including accommodation, health & safety for company
  • Plan, consult and manage office moves for the division and other units within the department

Considering the diversity of functions, someone holding an office manager position is expected to have many talents. Some of the competencies which he or she is expected to possess are problem solving and decision making abilities, integrity, assertivety, flexibility, accuracy and the ability to cope with pressure.

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