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Office Product Track and Trace with RFID

Material management

With an increasing demand for better products at cheaper prices, postal companies all over the world are looking at ways to eliminate and improve processes through optimization with RFID solutions. INAVIT is a leading supplier of successful applications with embedded RFID technology including software/middleware and hardware, and has been designing, installing and maintaining control and track-and-trace systems for more than 40 years.

RFID - large-scale quality, process optimization and cost savings

RFID applications are revolutionizing the postal industry through elimination and optimization of processes, thus lowering costs considerably and creating competitive advantages.

RFID is short for Radio Frequency Identification. With an RFID portal you can wirelessly read tags attached to roll containers, letter trays and all sorts of load carriers. This opens up many opportunities and offers market advantages, as you have complete real-time control of all materials. With RFID you always know from where the materials have originated, where they are located at any point in time, and where they are going.

RFID solutions from INAVIT

  • Improve quality and lower costs significantly

  • Enable real-time control, visibility and track & trace of materials

  • Eliminate manual processes and critical points of risk with regard to processes 

  • Reduce human errors in processes 

  • Optimize the use of materials capacity

  • Minimize the need for temporarily renting and permanently purchasing new materials

  • Enable setup of an automated maintenance program for all materials

  • Reduce the resources for handling customer claims and inquiries in general

  • Provide documentation of performance in relation to customer service level agreements (SLA)

Benefits of using RFID for monitoring individual products

  • Full visibility of all products
  • Knowing the location and priority of products facilitates early warning of problems in the sorting process and logistics chain
  • Knowing the location and priority of product items improves prompt sorting process handling
  • Knowing the location of items makes it possible to improve the sorting process and supply chain efficiency
  • The read rate at sorting centers can be significantly increased compared to barcodes

Why choose RFID instead of barcodes?

Compared to barcodes, RFID needs no facing of barcodes and no manual registrations with handheld barcode scanners, and since it involves no manual handling, use and benefit of the system are not linked to any individual. Automatic identification and registration of RFID tags also saves a lot of labour and the read rate is increased compared to using barcodes. RFID equipment can also strengthen existing barcode systems by combining the two technologies.