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Racks & Server Room Setup

Today's businesses face a common set of cable management challenges. IT networking and server systems, having evolved over the years, there are some things that never change -excessive heat, poor cable organization and dwindling security leading to unauthorized access can damage or impair the operation of vital systems.

INAVIT understands these unique challenges from an industry perspective and helps you address these challenges head-on by providing modular Network and Server Rack/Enclosure Systems to maximize space availability with the flexibility to accommodate varying multiple-staged capacities. Our products enable unencumbered access to the right information at the right time along with steadfast support that allows you to demand the most from us.

INAVIT offers a full lifecycle of services to Store, Secure, Streamline and Systemize passive and active network components like Lab Tables, KVM Switches, Customized Racks, Telecom Racks and Floor Mount Racks, Network Enclosures, Server Enclosures etc, in order to help simplify and optimize your system utilization, and enable your business to adapt quickly and dynamically to variable environments.


There is not a "one-size-fits-all" solution for your network and server environment. Its performance and availability can either enhance or hamper your business processes. That's where INAVIT comes in. We can help you handle the challenges that your network or company as a whole encounters. So, what's the INAVIT advantage? For starters, INAVIT can recommend Network and Server Rack/Enclosure products and support plans to help address your organization's cable management challenges in a highly cost effective manner.

These solutions will help you meet growing capacity and structural performance demands, define quality of service levels and align cable management with evolving business developments. Also, your business faces unrelenting pressure to do more with less, improve results and deal with IT complexity - all with tighter budgets than ever before. Make no mistake about it: there is a strong correlation between your network and server environment, cable management and the performance of your business. And that's where INAVIT can prove an advantage, as well. In addition to our broad line of standard enclosures, INAVIT has the expertise to deliver modified standard enclosures quickly and reliably as well as complicated co-developed and custom solutions. We've developed significant vertical market expertise to help us understand and develop industry solutions to address your particular circumstances.

INAVIT is a market leader in the Network and Server Rack/Enclosure Systems industry, capable of providing the products to help you keep your enterprise nimble and agile enough to address the constant flux, high pressure and rapidly changing scenarios of the volatile business landscape. Innovative technology, open standards, excellent performance and a broad portfolio are just a few of the reasons why you should consider INAVIT.