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RFID Time and Attendance System

INAVIT Time and Attendance Software helps you manage your workforce and track employee time and attendance in an easier, more efficient and affordable way. The INAVIT intuitive, easy to use interface will dramatically reduce the number of hours required to process employee time and attendance and automatically calculate total worked hours including overtime, vacation, sick days and holidays. With the click of a button employee data can be imported to create many informative time and attendance reports.

INAVIT provides RFID Time and Attendance data collection hardware and software that can be incorporated into our access management control systems to compliment the stock capabilities or simply used as a stand-alone solution. While our standard access management solutions provide access information and you can obtain a lot of other information from these systems, there are times when you also need additional data on demand and this is where our Time and Attendance Readers and Software comes into play.

Companies with requirements for tracking employee time and attendance information for payroll, safety, production, maintenance and preventative maintenace, and the many other corporate needs can utilize an RFID Access Managment system, RFID Parking Management System, RFID Asset Management System, RFID Field Service System and other RFID systems to extract collected data, massage the data and then build the necessary reports for corporate compliance. Or you can simply add some INAVIT Time and Attendance readers to their existing RFID Access infrastructure and load up the INAVIT software.

A quick, simple cost effective solution. You can purchase our software in a Ready to Use Package or a Do it Yourself Development package, whichever way is the best for your needs. With our Readers incorporated into the Access system you can quickly determine where people are in case of emergency, or did they actually "clock" in and out of the remote facility so you know where they are. These solutions can be utilized in a single door access solution or in a multi building, multi location LAN/WAN solution using TCP/IP connectivity.