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ERP System for School / College / University / Organisations

ERP System [Enterprise Resource Planning]

ERP is an industry term for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is an information system software that integrates departments and functions across an organization into one computer system. ERP runs off a single database, enabling various departments to share information and communicate with each other. ERP systems comprise function specific modules, designed to interact with the other modules. A properly planned ERP solution can facilitate zero redundancy, helping you to increase your organization's efficiency and productivity

Benefits of ERP Systems

Many reasons prompt people to start an ERP project. First let's consider the main benefits of an ERP system:

  • Improves access to accurate and timely information
  • Enhances workflow, increases efficiency, and reduces reliance on paper
  • Tightens controls and automates e-mail alerts
  • Provides user-friendly Web-based interfaces
  • Streamlines processes and eases adoption of best business practices
  • Establishes a foundation for new systems and integrates existing systems

A main advantage of ERP systems is improved access to accurate and timely information. As presidents, chief financial officers, or boards attempt to understand a university's overall performance with existing legacy systems, they may find many different versions of the truth. An ERP system creates a single version of the truth because everyone uses the same system. Furthermore, some legacy systems make developing reports or tapping into transaction data stored on the computer quite challenging. Modern ERP systems often improve upon this process by offering a strong foundation for moving to a data warehouse that can provide even more capability to extract data from administrative information systems.

Another reason to consider an ERP project is to improve workflow and efficiency. For example, following completion of online requisitions, workflow processes can forward the form along the approval path more rapidly than with traditional paper methods. This can shorten the time to complete the process, reduce the likelihood of lost or missing documents, and return quick feedback on the status of a request.

ERP systems can also improve controls and program alerts. Alerts, for example, can use automated e-mail to warn budget managers about budgets in danger of running out of funds. Similarly, controls can be implemented to prevent individuals from overspending budgets.

One exciting development in modern ERP systems is the availability of easy-to-use Web interfaces. These interfaces now enhance some integrated portals with one-stop shopping for a wide range of administrative functionality and information.

The ERP project often prompts significant process reengineering and can breathe new life into ineffective and inefficient departments or processes. During an ERP project you have an opportunity to correct broken processes and replace them with modern, system-enabled, state-of-the-art business practices you don't just want to pave cowpaths!

The ERP project also creates a foundation for new business processes, such as e-procurement, that can yield significant returns on investment. Other forthcoming applications that will be integrated into ERP systems include e-commerce, customer relations management, and pre- and post-award grants management. You can view the ERP system not only as the foundation, but also as your starter house, integrating a wide range of administrative system functionality that you'll add to over time. ERP vendors continue to develop new functionality you can take advantage of usually at additional cost, of course.

Finally, one additional benefit we've observed from the ERP process is that the individuals involved often bring away from it a new work ethic that spreads to the surrounding workplace.

Benefits of Education ERP

The ERP space in higher education is moving rapidly. The future integration of Internet technologies, ASP hosting services, and expanded ERP systems could help transform the way higher education institutions operate in the 21st century and move closer to realizing the goal of anytime, anywhere computing. Here are some benefits realized by the different User Entities of the Education System through our Education ERP solution.

Benefits for Management

  • Easy access of all records at one place
  • Channel to interact with staff, teachers, parents, students
  • Saving man hours and increasing productivity
  • Unhindered, smooth management

Benefits for Faculty

  • Manage class reports, attendance, performance
  • Making online exams
  • Interaction with parents
  • Effective planning
  • Online projects and forums for students

Benefits for Administration

  • Easy access to reports
  • Getting accurate and timely data
  • Publication & Circulation of reports
  • Saving man hours for productive work

Benefits for Students

  • Platform to interact
  • Share knowledge, experience, views
  • Access library
  • Online exams
  • Participate in projects
  • Contribute to school in out of school hours

Benefits for Parents

  • Reports & Updates regarding ward
  • Effective & Timely communication of school activities
  • Knowledge Interaction with other guardians

Quantitative Benefits

  • Savings from phased-out legacy systems
  • Streamlines Education Processes
  • Automates Important Functions
  • Increases Productivity and Efficiency
  • Big Savings in Person-hours
  • Increases Revenue

Qualitative Benefits

  • Improves data and process integrity
  • Enhances operational security
  • Reinforces accountability and transparency

ERP Modules

  • Management
  • Academic Setup
  • Student Enrollment (Admission Management)
  • Student Administration
  • Faculty Management
  • Holiday Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Fee Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Time Table Management
  • Examination Management
  • Reports Management
  • User Access & Security Management
  • Database Management

To further strengthening the entire Education system, our Education ERP can be integrated through the modules of our other ERP solutions such as

  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Payroll Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Events Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Library Management


1. End-to-End solution

Whether it's the enrollment of a new student or calculation of salary for the staff, our Education ERP solution provides you a fully integrated end-to-end solution to manage all the functions and activities required for your education institution. It ensures that offices, faculty and students have access to timely and up-to-date information. It manages high volumes of critical information with hundred percent of accuracy helping you to run your institution more smoothly and efficiently. It creates a foundation for new processes that can yield significant returns on investment.

2. N-Tier Architecture

Our Education ERP solution is designed on an N-Tier architecture allowing multiple users to work simultaneously from multiple locations on a single database. This helps in sharing information between different departments and users on a real-time basis.

3. Streamlines Educational process

Our Education ERP solution often prompts significant process reengineering and could breathe life into ineffective and inefficient departments or processes. It helps in proper documentation and standardization of education process by setting up protocols for each and every process. Our solution also provides you an opportunity to correct broken processes and replace them with modern, system-enabled, state-of-the-art business practices. .

4. Automates important functions

Manual work most of the time is not accurate. Whether it's the collection of fees or generating mark-sheets, the information has to be accurate. Our ERP solution automates these critical functions like fee collection, salary computation, time-table, Examination, mark-sheets etc. helping educational institutions to effectively improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy of their entire system.

5. Increases productivity and efficiency of the staff

Automation helps staff to work out things well in time helping them to give more time to take care of the other issues and problems. Our solution helps organizations to handle the same amount of work by less staff thereby allowing the rest of the man power to be deputed in other productive works.

6. Saves lot of Man hours that directly means saving of a lot of money

Automation of various critical tasks such as fee collection, salary management etc saves a lot of man hours that directly reflects to expenditure of the organization.

7. Reduces paper work

Our Education ERP solution has an in-built Document Management System that helps organizations to reduce their paper consumption to a great extent which is not just cost effective but is eco friendly as well. .

8. Strengthens relationship between different user entities

The relationship between various user entities such as Management, Staff, Faculty, Students and Parents plays a vital role in the development of student. Our Education ERP provides an interactive platform for strengthening the relationship. .

9. Completely organizes data with no redundancy

Our ERP solution offers zero redundancy of data for managing the various aspects of your educational business needs. For example, you just need to add the name of student only once and it will automatically appear in rest of the modules like Fee, Courses, Examination, Promotion etc.

10. User Friendly Interfaces

Interfaces of software play an important role to make it successful and a popular solution. Our solution is designed with easy to use, interactive and user friendly interfaces that help non-expert users to perform complex functions without any difficulty.

11. Comprehensive Reporting System

Organizations around the world consider effective reporting system as a vehicle for evaluating and enhancing the performance of the entire system. Thus reports have become the most vital part of any application software. What so ever new features there may be in an application, the end user evaluates the quality of software by its quality of reports.

Our ERP solution offers a powerful mechanism to generate accurate and robust reports with a great deal of flexibility. Whether you want a report for a single student or for the entire institute, it gives you plenty of options and flexibility to generate reports at multiple levels helping you to enhance the performance and productivity of your institution.

12. Advance Printing Options

Our advance printing options gives you the freedom to generate printouts on any size of paper that reduces printing expenses to a great extent.

13. Ensures Data Security

Data Security is also an important factor while designing an ERP solution. Our Education ERP ensures complete security of data. We make sure that the data isn't in the direct access of the users. Various security measures have been implemented to tighten the security at the database level as well as at the application level.

  • Login security and single sign-on: Users sign on once within a secure environment and are automatically authenticated for all applications they are allowed to access.
  • Security roles and permissions: Users see and access only what their individual roles and permission levels grant them.
  • Workflows and approval processes: Workflows and approval processes ensure proper task routing among departments.

14. Easy Centralized Backup Options

Database Backup is the most critical part of any ERP solution. Our ERP comes with easy to manage database-backup system. The database backup and restoration processes both are simple and easy and don't require any database expert to perform these activities.

Add-on Features

  • Connectivity to multiple locations through Web, Wireless etc.
  • Real-time connectivity with Web-portals
  • E-learning Solution including Content Management & Designing
  • Bio-metric/ Smart Card integration for Attendance and Security Purposes
  • SMS Alert System
  • Integration with Electronic Devices such as Display Boards, PDA's, Mobiles etc.