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Automated Parking and Vehicle Tracking System

RFID APS Enabling RFID Technology to automate your PROFIT :

Automated Parking Solution offer cost and time efficiency benefits to parking garage and facility managers. Automated Parking Solution RFID technology delivers reliable, automated parking access control systems solutions. Automated Parking Solution facilitate airport security parking and parking at universities, corporations, hospitals, gated communities, and downtown parking facilities.

Ensure smooth vehicle flow with Automated Parking Solution Vehicles can move smoothly through controlled entrances, and more parkers can be accommodated, thereby increasing revenues. There are no cards to read, tickets to read and sort, and the whole system is a convenient, hands free way to ensure easy vehicle parking. Inexpensive and easy to install, operate, and maintain, the Automated Parking Solution systems of readers and tags integrate with existing access control and security systems

RFID tags provide the ultimate in convenience because they can be used throughout the driver's local area at sports arenas, on toll roads, at employers' parking facilities, car washes, and more. Wireless AVI offers owners, operators, and patrons alike all of these benefits:

• Reduces cash handling and streamlined back Office operations

• Scalable system to fit current and future needs

• Automatic data capture and detailed reporting

• Improves traffic flow at peak hours

• Improves customer service

• Cash free convenience

• Detailed statements

• Provides quick online convenience for customer enrollment and maintenance of accounts.

Allows for unique marketing programs

• Special privileges for VIP customers

• Volume discounts

• Coupons

• Other discounts for daily parkers