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Web Based Applications are Browser Based Applications which can be run in a Local Server and Network Environment as well as on Internet / Intranet Environment.

Web-based application development provides you with the opportunity to save both time and money and most importantly it provides you with an improved way of interacting with clients, suppliers and business partners. With other 10 years experience, INAVIT specialises in the development of both standalone office applications or web-based applications designed to increase the functionality of your existing website.

The Internet has changed the way we communicate and carry out business. The internet is used to both disseminate information but to manage web-based applications that are the tools of our every day business life.

A web-based application might be an interactive website, intranet, extranet, a content management system, or a tool for managing personnel. Increasingly, software applications have browser-based interfaces and the art of web application design is progressing rapidly. Web Based Applications mainly involves following Customized Applications from INAVIT

• Dynamic Website (Content Management System)
• Web Enabled ERP Solutions

Some of the most popular Web Applications Developed are of Following Modules :

 » Dynamic Product Display in Website: Your Organization can have any no. of Products which if you want to Display on the Website with entire control in the hands of the admin for Additions and Updations then INAVIT Product Dynamic Website is the Right Solution for you. Admin through the Secured Panel can Define Product Category, Sub Category (if any), Brands (if any), Products along with Product Description and Images. Product can have one or many images which admin can upload. Such website with Dynamic Product Display becomes truly Dynamic in Nature with complete Data Controlled by Admin. » Dynamic Products with Shopping Cart Integration: Along with the Dynamic Products Display, Shopping of the Products can be integrated with User Registration. Users can add the Products with various Quantities into the shopping cart and their Cart will be updated with the Total Price with Quantities and when ever user decides to check out, if not, he will have to register with the website and then he can pay online using various payment integration like Visa Card or Master Card which will verify the Credit Card Details and then the Goods will be delivered to the user by the website. We can do the Payment Gateway Integration from various Banks and Companies on to your website. Such types of Websites are also commonly called as E-Commerce Website wherein the Commerce is being transacted online and users can actually buy Products online.

 » Online Chat Utility For Website: Websites are there for speedy communication and with that if you get our Online chat Utility for your Web Site Visitors / Clients / Dealers etc. to chat with your website admin in real time then communication becomes real quick and specially the New Visitors on the website will be comfortably put across their enquiries to website admin instead of writing emails. It's a quick marketing tool which we have implemented on several websites and their clients are enjoying the real time chat. We can also give you Chat Interface with Msn and Yahoo with the Website so that when ever admin will be online in his Msn or Yahoo Messenger, Users will be able to see him Online and will be able to chat with him.

 » Online File and Documentation Management System: If you are a company where you have to assign various the facilities to save/upload all their documents online so that without going to the office, management can access all the documents from anywhere through Internet, we have the Solution. Different users can log on to the system with their details and upload respective documents which they can later view and they can create a Dynamic tree Structure, Files and Documents now online without any tension of saving locally…only through our created solution.

 » Totally Customized (Tailor Made) Solutions: As we are a Customized Solutions Company, we can take care of any of your requirements which you would like to tailor made with us, our pre project analysis team will understand the in depth requirements and suggest you the features and options as well as the budget and then on confirmation of the project, detailed analysis will be carried out with you and your team to be able to give you the exact system which you have thought about which will be developed by us. Clients of INAVIT are proud to be with us as we work with personal and dedicated approach in giving complete satisfaction to them for the Solutions which they are looking for.

 » Online Newsletter Designing & Broadcasting System: Newsletters are part of every companies growth at present. Newsletters allows all your clients, team members, users to get the latest information on a regular basis. This system allows you to manage all your email addresses in different categories on the system. Program offers you unique Dynamic Newsletter Design with a Step by Step simple methods. You can go on creating your Company Newsletters with attractive offers, Pictures and send to multiple email addresses stored in the program in click of a Button. Imagine a Brand New Offer promoted by your company reaches all your clients faster then your competitors and its with Images, Texts, Hyperlinks etc. Unique way to keep in ouch with clients, well wishers and general users by only a Click of A Button.

 » Interactive Blog Development: Blogs are those interactive data which is written by users who comes on your website and they write on some topic, reply to the already written topics and view the written things by other users, Community Web Sites, Social Websites, Forums are the examples of the Blogs. INAVIT too believes that if you want to develop Blog, this is the best team that can give you the solution.

 » SMS Alert Systems: SMSs can also be integrated with the Web Modules in Sending SMS to one or many users on their Cell/Mobile Nos. In our Dynamic Website / Application, SMS can be even Auto Generated on Website / Application. Such SMS are used for sending Auto Reports in ERP Application and on sending Alarms or Alerts.

 » E-Learning Modules Development: INAVIT is also expert in giving a Fully Dynamic E-Learning Modules System which can be integrated into the website. E-Learning Modules consists of Dynamic Content Management, Students Registration and Activation, Online Module Exams, Online Questions Database for Students, Registration of Students for Practical and Theory Exams outside the Online Course, Tracking Students activity when they are appearing for Online Module Exams and clearing one by one modules. Please check out INAVIT Portfolio for http://www.iscnep.org as E-Learning Modules Website developed by INAVIT