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Wifi Networking

Increased use of laptop computers within the enterprise, and increase in worker mobility have fuelled the demand for wireless networks. Up until recently, wireless technology was a patchwork of incompatible systems from a variety of vendors. The technology was slow, expensive and reserved for mobile situations or hostile environments where cabling was impractical or impossible. With the maturing of industry standards and the deployment of lightweight wireless networking hardware across a broad market section, wireless technology has come of age.

Wireless networking hardware requires the use of underlying technology that deals with radio frequencies as well as data transmission. The most widely used standard is 802.11 produced by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). This is a standard defining all aspects of Radio Frequency Wireless networking.

Our fully managed network solutions consist of:

  1. A full analysis to identify your networking requirements
  2. Design and implementation of bespoke networking infrastructure tailored to your needs
  3. 24 hour service monitoring of key network components
  4. Advanced replacement of all network components
  5. Problem resolution service with a guaranteed response time
  6. Off-site backup off all your business critical data
  7. Resilient fail-over and load balancing of internet connections
  8. Spam and antivirus email protection for all incoming and outgoing email messages and attachments
  9. Full network security with protection from hackers and denial of service attacks and complete threat detection and management
  10. Secure remote access to your network via VPN
  11. Wireless internet hotspots

    INAVIT can provide wireless internet (WiFi) hotspot solutions to various types of businesses around the India.

    Our solutions provide building-wide communication infrastructures that allow users to connect via their PC's, laptops, mobile devices and games consoles. Our easy to use, no wires, no phone lines and no contract approach means that users can register and be online within minutes. With no download restrictions and the ability to connect to a wide range of services, the solution is ideal for users who want immediate, flexible, no fuss internet access.